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December 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

Just getting everything ready for recording Aether on January 2nd, which means writing up the lyrics for Jack Byrne. I wrote a waltz while I was in Paris this summer. I think it’s become one of my favourites.



There’s a place that I know – you know, we could be

Like shades on a screen –

With you, whatever you’d need me to do

I could do – and could forget what I mean


With my hands in your hands I’d give up who I think that I am

And if you come as a stranger to me I could lose who I am


Do you feel it? Within and around us –

There’s nothing to hear, and nothing to see,

But here – just the flood of your hair to surround us,

Just you, where a message might be.


With your hands in my hands I’d give up who I think that I am

And if you come as a stranger to me I could lose who I am.


It’s a sad thing, a small thing to offer

Not quite what you deserve me to be –

This truth – I can’t need you so much as I need to

Desire your desire in me.



April 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

Another song from the upcoming album Aether – there are exciting things in the works for the video of this one…


No hold – mercurial bounds – which rules will we play?

A very good game – 

What was said, what was seen? Who gets hurt in between? 

What gets lost in the way?



And I don’t know what I know,where we are, what you want – 

You come and go – 

With these sparks like little blows.



Twin poles – an unshakeable round – and what will you do?

A slip of the hand.

A halt at the pass. I know nothing lasts – 

But didn’t want that with you.



And I don’t know what I know…



Left cold – unworkable ground – and what will it mean?

A very good game,

A slip of the hand – who to fold, who to stand?

Who got hurt in between?



And I don’t know what I know…



December 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

So, last night was pretty special – I got to try out some songs from the next alt. album for the first time. Thank you so much for listening – title track lyrics? Enjoy.


Be the message, not the man,

A murmur on the wind.

Desire, leave yourself behind – 

We’ll consist of infallible things.


Still my shaking.


If we could shift in endless space

And bypass every bar,

Let the message speak itself – 

An abstract’s all we are.


Still my shaking.


If I could lift through aether

And consist of abstract things,

Be the message, not the man,

A murmur on the wind – 


And still my shaking.


January 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

The last original song form Ashes. It was a memory of a beautiful night.


Travel out with me

A long, hard time

We could stay right here,

We could do it all tonight.

I see you through your smile – 

You slow me down to say:

“Weigh yourself down,

Dissolve away.”


Boundaries are simple

To slip through, this time.

Loneliness is welcome – 

I welcome it as mine.

A silence stilled my eyes,

A hollow falling near,

A tremor sounded out 

That no one’s here.


I’ve seen this once before – 

A fever made it clear.

A sweat can weigh you down – 

A dream can bring you near.

And stopper up my mouth

With everything to say:

“Speed time down – 

Dissolve away.”



September 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

Another song from Ashes. Mostly about what being bipolar feels like to me. Also, the joy of creation.



Who to falter, who to last?

Which ‘I’ will ‘I’ invite today?

What rings hollow, what holds fast?

A trick of perspective – a paper play.


It keeps on splitting, it keeps on spinning.

I wouldn’t give up this pain  – No, No, No

No, No, No, Wait – and start again.


A splintered second, a shattered view – 

Leave them alone, let them multiply.

Who’s forgotten, and what holds true?

I am the ghost of my own lost lives.


It keeps on splitting, it keeps on spinning.

I wouldn’t give up this pain  – No, No, No

No, No, No, Wait – and start again.


‘I’ from ‘I’ and whole from part – 

The mouths we speak with are never ours.

Opposing mirrors, the chambered heart – 

A space this wide could swallow the stars.


It keeps on splitting, it keeps on spinning.

I wouldn’t give up this pain  – No, No, No

No, No, No, Wait – and start again.




September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Another one from Ashes. A song about bereavement…so, that was fun to write. Enjoy.



Broken things are hard to fathom – hard to say

Sometimes I’m broken, and sometimes I’m clouded by shades of grey.

Life untrammelled, arms flung wide – 

No guards, no limits, no one to hear.

No peace, no solace, no hope untried – 

Let’s split open, let’s disappear.


A formless wish flung from empty arms and an empty mind.

Rise up – rise out and leave this tired hide behind.

An invocation, a halting breath – 

To fracture outwards and scatter wide.

No sense of living, no fear of death,

No place of safety, no place to hide.


The past lies heavy, holds us close – no room for doubt

Something missing. Savage hands have touched us, marked us out.

Too much to fathom, too cruel to care – 

No rock, no anchor, and no one near.

An invocation to the open air – 

Let’s split open, let’s disappear.


Rise up. Rise out – broken things have no need to fear.

Arms flung wide – an empty wish – to shatter, to disappear.



July 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Every song I write is personal, but this was the hardest to write to date. The lyrics to Tongue, from the forthcoming album Ashes.



The skin recalls what the mind shuts out

To taste, to shudder – I let you in.

To beg, to tremble, to fear for love – 

– Your tongue taught me so many things.

Sweet to sweetness – could I recall

What was tender, and what was best?

A dream, a vision. The rot crept in – 

Those final phrases eclipsed the rest.



{A bridge/a password/an anchor for insubstantial fantasy – nothing more}

The failure of your tongue spears me through.



A bruise, a thumbprint – the mark endures,

Thought to muscle, lips to skin.

A call to memory cannot mask

A sickly smell where the rot crept in.

An open archway, the bars brought down – 

No thought to struggle, no will to run.

Softness conquered what strength found strong – 

Too late, too sudden – the hurt was done.



The skin recalls what the mind shuts out

And echo alters what’s been and gone.

A gaping hole where your lips met mine and

Empty jaws where our love had hung.

Bitter relics – the mark endures – 

Sweet to sweetness – stroke to stroke – 

My body trembles – the skin recalls – 

My tongue remembers the words you spoke.

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