“people need to open their eyes to the diversity of experience”

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In which I am interviewed by More Than the Music and talk industry, activism, TERFs, misgendering and being a bit sadcore.


“It’s always a challenge to present yourself honestly in a world that rarely acknowledges that truth”

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…in which I am interviewed by TYCI – hope you enjoy it.

And still my shaking…

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…the astonishing beauty of Lester’s vocals – DIVA

Aether is an album that demands your attention with the kind of songwriting and arrangements that truly reach into the deepest part of those lucky enough to have discovered it. Compelling, sometimes utterly disarming, Aether is a profoundly personal offering that needs to be heard. – So So Gay


Aether is one of those albums where you want to turn all the lights off and just let the music wash over you. You can drown in it. – Cheryl Morgan

Three more gigs and the preview tour for Aether will be over. Lying in the ocean at night, performing for film festival crowds, cars and trains and cars and trains and swimming pool shoots and sleeping under the piano in the studio – I’ve gotten a little lost and wrong in the making of this, but in the most wonderful way.

Reviews are coming in. Interviews are beginning. I have a handful of comp tickets left for Tate Modern on Sunday, and the video is out.


I have quite a number of exciting plans stuffed up my sleeves for the summer. Do keep your ears pricked for news of the next music video call out.

But, most of all, thank you.

Aether is available on iTunes and Amazon now.

So January wasn’t all bad…

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…it’s still my least favourite month, but it had some pretty sweet moments.


Dark Angels had its first review – possibly the best review of my career so far. “This is no less than creativity at its most lucid and profound.” There’s no way it can be anything other than downhill from that, but I’m overjoyed, nonetheless. Many, many thanks to So So Gay.


We also had a lovely message from composer Jonathan Kulp,  whose settings of Emily Dickinson form an integral part of the Dark Angels programme. A really fantastic composer (and former competitive skateboarder!) – check him out.


I hopefully managed to talk some sense about media transphobia and Burchill to Pride Live Radio and, with Trans Week at the New Statesman brought forward, was named as a trans role model (in some very good company). Writing this makes me feel somewhat bashful but also, it must be admitted, rather proud.


Start as you mean to go on, right? Come on 2013 – let’s have at it.

Interview times with [no definition]

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“I think artistic culture (both ‘high’ and ‘pop’) is one of the greatest tools we have with which to effect change. The nature of artistic communication – the necessity of empathy and imagination, of being unbearably close, of transcending the self – is, I believe, the very form of communication required to break down the barriers imposed by a kyriarchal system.” If you liked that then go read the rest here. 

Chatting with Classic FM

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I realised that I’d failed to put up a link to the chat I had with Classic FM a little while ago about castrati musicians and travesti roles – enjoy!


Classic FM Arts Daily 20.05.10

A brief interview…

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…with Future Radio – on a very crackly line. But many thanks to them.


Listen here – 26 minutes in. Music and activism and cake. So, yeah, that’s my life.

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