TONIGHT – online queer bookclub…

April 28, 2015 § 9 Comments

…our very first meeting. What’s it all about? See here. 

Between 8pm and 10pm GMT, April 28th, I’ll be opening comments, live moderating, and asking questions – so come discuss Mia McKenzie’s The Summer We Got Free

Looking forward to seeing you here.


§ 9 Responses to TONIGHT – online queer bookclub…

  • cnlester says:

    Okay everyone – comments are now open – until 10pm GMT I’ll be watching the comments section, but you’ll be able to comment straight here, without being held in a queue to be manually checked (how British).

    Comments rules apply – don’t be awful. Anyone being awful gets deleted.

  • cnlester says:

    (Also – comments after that time very much welcome – just that then usually commenting checking procedures will be back in place)

  • Jade says:

    Being a white British Athiest, I feel the greatest part of this book for me was the insight into others lives, over the decades, from different cultures, and see the fractured nature within a community, that from the outside seems so knitted together and strong. It was educational, saddening, but ultimately uplifting

  • i haven’t read the book in awhile, but i loved how uncomfortable it made me. mckenzie made you work really hard for that backstory, and when it hit, it hit hard.

    favorite scene was probably that “sexual awakening” scene and the jumble of emotions that came after that.

  • cnlester says:

    Thanks everyone! Loved the thoughts – though I think I might need to do more planning/co-ordinating next time. Really glad to get a chance to read such a unique, cutting (in the best way – emotionally and with turn of phrase) book.

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