Transpose: Hallowe’en Edition

October 1, 2013 § 1 Comment

Because I'll be making vegan, gf pumpkin cookies with a maple glaze - a mountain of them

Because I’ll be making vegan, gf pumpkin cookies with a maple glaze – a mountain of them

October 26th 2013

Gallery Bar, ULU, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

7pm to 11pm

£5 on the door

Hallowe’en is my absolute favourite holiday ever, so I’m a little bit overexcited about the fact that I get to combine it with the latest Transpose. Costumes of all kinds encouraged but not mandatory – I’ll be baking for the entire audience, but please feel free to bring candy/snacks, because Hallowe’en isn’t Hallowe’en without an overwhelming sugar high.

An amazing roster of trans and trans-allied artists: words from Hel Gurney, Jacq Applebee, Kat Gupta, Matt Reuben and Sandra Alland – films by Sandra Alland (featuring Nathan Gale) and Sophie Norman – music from myself and mystery band THEY CAME FROM THE SEA (who sound uncannily like Squid and The Krakens). We’ll be holding an auction (if you have anything you’d like to donate please drop me an email at – and if we raise enough in loose change there might be a dramatic reading of some terrible ‘erotica’ for an hilarious/spooky experience.

This time we’ll be raising funds for TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland) – the next few months are crucial in the fight for trans equality in Ireland, and it would be wonderful to give them any support we can.

The venue is wheelchair accessible with a properly adapted toilet. Quite a lot of people will be going on to White Mischief or Shenanigans, so travelling buddies will abound.

I’ll be coming as The Gender Binary – this is your one and only chance to see me in fishnets and a lacy bra. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

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