Beyond the Binary: Master Post

July 17, 2013 § 7 Comments

So that’s it – twenty four questions about gender, sex, sexuality, genderqueer issues, trans issues, stuff, things, the kitchen sink etc. answered by an amazing panel. Some of it’s 101 – some of it 201 – some questions that we get asked all the time, and some that many won’t have considered before. Please share as widely as possible – the more information out there the better – knowledge really is power, and the more people know in advance the less time we have to spend explaining things in any/all social situations.

Again, enormous thanks to the panel – they’ve been amazing – please do follow them on twitter/check out their research/blogs. Bios here – and all the questions below. Enjoy!

(Oh – and ‘Beyond the Binary?’ I just picked it because it made me think of a genderqueer Buzz Lightyear. Just thought I’d share that.)


Jennie Kermode

I’m a journalist and human rights campaigner based in Glasgow, Scotland. I’m content director at Eye For Film and chair of Trans Media Watch and I also do research work; I completed my second masters degree a couple of years ago and am currently doing a correspondence course in epidemiology and statistics. My activities are somewhat limited by my disability but I’m also involved in filmmaking and I do some public speaking, mostly on gender and media issues. I’m partial to good books, avocados and argument.




Nat Titman

I’m a 30 something amateur activist and full time IT professional living in Nottingham, UK. I have interests in liminal identities, transgender inclusion, nonbinary gender, asexuality, neurodiversity and their fictional media representations. I’ve identified as transgender since my teens, underwent binary transition aged 19 in 1999 and ‘retransitioned’ to a nonbinary role in 2001. My appearance is androgynous (ambiguous by binary gender standards) and I prefer to be referred to with gender neutral language. I currently run the ambiguous gender presentation resources and information site and host the wiki. I’m also interested in fandom culture, (multi)media science fiction and illustration. Last year I was diagnosed with an autistic spectrum condition.





I’m a psychotherapist, academic, author, artist, artisan and social activist with clinical and research interests in transgender and adult ADHD, and a curious passion for social media and video production.

Mostly gender-queer
And something of a trans-fashionista

I’m out as transgender.




Hel Gurney

I’m a writer of poetry, prose, and fairytales that are somewhere between the two. I’m queer and genderqueer. I am coming to the end of my second year as the Trans Rep on the NUS Women’s Committee, and at the time of writing am just about to finish my internship with On Road Media working on the “All About Trans” project. I’m a feminist and activist; an occasional academic interested in the literary historiography of gender and sexuality; a member of Lashings of Ginger Beer Time; and the main organiser of the Cutlery Drawer.


  1. How would you define sex and gender from a genderqueer/non-binary/neutrois/etc perspective? How do they intersect and/or conflict?
  2. What is the difference between genderqueer and genderfluid?
  3. What do you think about the term “non-binary” and why?
 Do we have a better term?
  4. How do you view NB identities in terms of trans*? Starting with your own?
  5. Do you know of any social spaces where people aren’t instantly assumed to be men or women?

  6. A discussion of femme and genderqueer identities/intersections 
  7. How long do you think until we get official recognition?
  8. Is it time to get NB people into media such as soaps and video games?
  9. What about bathrooms?
  10. How does your sexuality relate to your gender? 
  11. Do genderfluid people worry about accusations of appropriation? 
  12. Objectification/attraction to androgynous people
  13. How do the panel feel about the way gender is defined within feminism, and how can we make the movement stronger? 
  14. How were you able to decipher your identity?
  15. What are good terms for NB/GQ who experience sexual attraction to only one gender, for example, people’s who sexualities would be described as “gay” or “straight” in binary IDed people?

  16. How important do you think space (physical, emotional etc.) to experiment is in the development and expression of non-binary gender identities?

  17. Pronouns that match the gender you were assigned at birth?
  18. How much difference does having a genderqueer gender identity make to people’s experiences of cisprivilege and transphobia? How does this differ from e.g. being visibly non gender conforming?
  19. Pronouns and assumptions 

  20. How would you go about defining yourself, in terms of gender or lack thereof, to a wider group?
  21. Can you get your passport changed to reflect genders other than F or M?
  22. How does dysphoria interact with other body image issues? How do you manage it?
  23. How do you feel about ‘Mx’?
  24. How about recognition of other genders across different cultures/times? And who are your personal heroes?

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