April 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

Another song from the upcoming album Aether – there are exciting things in the works for the video of this one…


No hold – mercurial bounds – which rules will we play?

A very good game – 

What was said, what was seen? Who gets hurt in between? 

What gets lost in the way?



And I don’t know what I know,where we are, what you want – 

You come and go – 

With these sparks like little blows.



Twin poles – an unshakeable round – and what will you do?

A slip of the hand.

A halt at the pass. I know nothing lasts – 

But didn’t want that with you.



And I don’t know what I know…



Left cold – unworkable ground – and what will it mean?

A very good game,

A slip of the hand – who to fold, who to stand?

Who got hurt in between?



And I don’t know what I know…


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