Will perform for music

November 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yes, you heard that right – and yes, it does make sense. Allow me to explain:


So, we’ve entered the last month of fundraising for the Dark Angels album. The music’s been recorded, the artwork chosen, the first mixes are through and The Cinema Museum’s booked for the launch on November 29th. But we have another £470 pounds left to make if we’re going to break even.


That’s the thing – break even. There’s no profit in this for either me or Toby – everyone else gets paid apart from us – not unless the album’s a bizarre and unlikely success and we make a little from future sales. Hence performing for the music, not for the money.


Also performing for the music, not the money? Some of the perks.  I know Indiegogo’s in terrifying dollars, rather than pounds, but I’m going to try my best to tempt you with some of the breakdowns. Ready?


* £50 ($80) for a lesson with either me or Toby (usually £25/30), two tickets to the launch (£17), an album (£10) and all the praise we can heap on you online or in the liner notes. £50 for what would usually cost £57. And praise.


*£93 ($150) for a private performance of Dark Angels plus all the tickets/CD usuals. For anyone at uni/in a town with a good live music scene – can I ask you to consider this? We’ll be performing for free so, after you’ve paid our bus fare, you get to collect all the tickets sales you want. And making £100 in ticket sales is very, very easy.


* £312 ($500) for a private performance of whatever you like. Obviously, the steepest price – but not all that steep considering. First – if you’re booking musicians for a private event (like a wedding), then £300 for two classical musicians is an absolute steal. Second – if you want to organise a gig, I’m more than happy to come play my alternative music and have you keep all the ticket sales. And, again – raising more than £300 in tickets sales for an alt. night is really not that hard. In addition to being awesome.


Ok, shilling and guilt trip over. But please head on over to the fundraising page and check it all out. And think about how much better the world would be if the musicians who actually gave a damn about music got the funding they need. We promise not to spend it on tiny dogs and fancy costumes.



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