“Transgress/Transcend”* – a brief update

August 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

For anyone who might be interested in the progress of my book on gender, and sex, and identity, and teh tranz, and stuff (subtitle: “Be Excellent to Each Other) – well, you’re in luck.


Diving ever deeper into the research, because I can’t bear to think of leaving out a single important book/article/study – based on current timetable I should be finished with the research notes by Christmas. With any luck (and the usual level of workaholism) that should mean a first draft by March. So cross you fingers for me, and be prepared for a greater than usual level of “Have you read this? You really should – it’s very interesting”.


* God, I hope whoever publishes it lets me keep the title – I’m totally wedded to it now. Obviously, I may not be unable to find a publishing and could, therefore, do whatever I liked with the title…but I’d rather not think about that right now.


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