Transpose: Literary Edition – Thank you

May 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

So, the final tallies are in – and we raised just over £300 for Roz’s American book tour – how amazing is that?


Well, Lesbilicious thought it was fairly amazing: “It was wonderful to attend a queer event with such a strong focus on performances by trans and trans-friendly people, and to be reminded that art created by and for our community is varied and valuable. With hints from Lester of more Transpose coming later this year, I’ll very much look forward to the next instalment.” Hell yes. And I’m hoping for some time in August for the next one…


Obviously, an enormous thank you. And then another enormous thank you after that. Not just to the performers (though another big hand for Roz Kaveney, Lyman Gamberton, Dr. Carmilla, Elaine O’Neill and Hel Gurney), or to the venue (go buy books at Woolfson & Tay – buy them now!) but to everyone who came, brought friends, promoted the event and generally made it a gorgeous afternoon of art, laughter and sweetness.


There are still a few people who need to contact me about items/experiences they won in the auction –, if you’d be so kind.


Best part of the day? I won a sexy bow tie in the auction. Points all round.


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