Transpose: Literary Edition

April 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

May 12th, 4pm – 6:30pm

Roz Kaveney, Dr. Carmilla, CN Lester, Hel Gurney, Lyman Gamberton & Elaine O’Neill

Poetry, Music, Coffe, Cakes & The Loveliest of Literati

Woolfson & Tay, 13 Bermondsey Square, SE1 3UN

£5 entry – bring more (ever so much more) for the auction

The time for another Transpose is upon us, and this time we’re off in a rather…bookish direction. To celebrate the release of Roz Kaveney’s debut novel, Rhapsody of Blood, and to raise funds for her U.S. tour, we’ll be whipping up a storm of provocative poetry, dieselpunk cabaret, genderfabulous performance and heartbreaking torch songs. All that in one of London’s best independent bookstores…with an auction including items/experiences donated by Ralph Francis Fox, Paris Lees, CN Lester and Roz Kaveney. Words, music, caffeine and opinionated intellectuals – how sexy is that?

Oh, wait, it gets sexier – Woolfson & Tay is one hundred percent wheelchair accessible. Tried and tested.

Roz Kaveney

Roz Kaveney is not only a beloved poet, novelist, journalist and critic, but also a veteran feminist, LGBTI and civil liberties activist. Rhapsody of Blood is a story about the death of people, cities and worlds. And dangerously witty women.

Elaine O'Neill

Elaine O’Neill found one day that words tend to be like cats. They’re beautiful, playful, and rewarding, but they have minds of their own, and you may always wake up to find one sitting on your head. A twentysomething dyspraxic queer London-based editorial assistant, she explores issues such as being LGBTQ in a light-hearted but honest way, dressed up in rhymes, humour and wordplay. And also, usually, in a waistcoat and a hat.
“Elaine O’Neill (is) horrifyingly erudite. Her mixture of humour, eloquence, emotion and wordplay (is) a winning combination” – Sabotage Reviews

Lyman Gamberton

Man about town and woman on special occasions, Lyman Gamberton began writing poetry as a teenager and has continued thus far unchecked. Their poetry frequently reflects themes of disability, genderqueer existence, and alternate histories. Their contributions to this year’s National Poetry Writing Month, amongst other work, can be found online at

Dr. Carmilla

Dr. Carmilla

Dr. Carmilla tells the twisted tales of a post-apocalyptic retrospective-future. Her unique blend of dieselpunk cabaret defies conventional classification and has been compared to the likes of Amanda Palmer, David Bowie, Nick Cave and Pink Floyd.

Hel Gurney

Hel Gurney comes from rural Oxfordshire, studied language and literature in London, and now writes papers on gender-transgression in Brighton. Hel is fascinated by borders and binaries, memories and mythologies, and how they can be blurred and transcended. Working with a range of traditions, influences, and languages, Hel’s poetry roams across time, space, and genre. A committed activist, Hel also operates queer-feminist promotions label The Cutlery Drawer.

As for me – well, if we haven’t been introduced, why not come along and get better acquainted? I don’t bite. Not in public. You’ll love it – promise.

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