2012: a cunning plan…

March 27, 2012 § 4 Comments

Or, rather, several cunning plans. Would you like to hear them? Of course you would.


First up – the reason posting has been light recently is not only because of the unforgiving schedule. Something’s flipped, you see. I always planned on writing a book about trans issues – well, that’s happening now. And, I’m afraid, all the thoughts are being drained off into that, rather than blogging. But I’m going to try to balance it out a little better, as much as I can. Would you cross your fingers for that? And for the (gulp) novel? Cross them tightly? Thank you.


Musical matters – right, so, alternative music. Many, many thanks to everyone who’s promoted/bought/enjoyed Ashes – sales are steadily creeping up and the reviews have made me somewhat misty-eyed. I’m hoping the sales continue to creep up, because the follow-up album, Aether, is already half-written and I need to raise the recording funds. Cthulhu willing we’ll be set to record at the end of the year.


Obviously, the more performances I can squeeze in the better. Still organising new Transpose nights, and sorting out details for gigs around and about. If you have a cunning plan of your own re: asking me to play then do let me know – all emails to cnlester@hotmail.co.uk at the moment (gremlins in the usual address). All I require is help with transport costs and a friendly reception. I’ll bring the brownies.


Classical music has definitely exploded – in a good way? Maybe. 20th and 21st century music for voice and guitar in London on May 21st and at Manchester Pride in August. London Youth Opera in April. Purcell songs later in the year – and more Strozzi. Always more Strozzi. Seriously, if you don’t know her yet then go wild. Toby Carr and I will be doing a soupçon of recording in May: Maxwell Davies and Britten guaranteed. Expect some blogging about rape culture when it comes to the Britten.


Engaged in a fascinating photography project with Sara Moralo – she’s doing all the hard work, I’m just trying not to freeze up in front of the camera.


All that and the usual ridiculous adventure ride that is bipolar, and teaching, and studying. I hope you’ll bear with me. Who knows? We might even have fun.




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