January 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

The last original song form Ashes. It was a memory of a beautiful night.


Travel out with me

A long, hard time

We could stay right here,

We could do it all tonight.

I see you through your smile – 

You slow me down to say:

“Weigh yourself down,

Dissolve away.”


Boundaries are simple

To slip through, this time.

Loneliness is welcome – 

I welcome it as mine.

A silence stilled my eyes,

A hollow falling near,

A tremor sounded out 

That no one’s here.


I’ve seen this once before – 

A fever made it clear.

A sweat can weigh you down – 

A dream can bring you near.

And stopper up my mouth

With everything to say:

“Speed time down – 

Dissolve away.”


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