A late Christmas present from Transpose

December 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well, it is better to give than to receive (thank you for the reminder, John Lewis). So I wanted to let everyone who contributed to the latest Transpose  know that we raised £300 for Mermaids. Can I please get a big round of applause and some genial pats on the back?


Seriously, to everyone who performed and everyone who attended – thank you. Most of us aren’t able to give as much as we’d like to charity  so I’m not going to lie – ganging together to be able to give that amount felt really, REALLY good. But what also felt good was spending an evening with so many fabulous, supportive, interesting people – both as an artist and as an audience member. Hat very much doffed to Hel Gurney, Jesse Kailen, Lyman Gamberton and Angelica Riotstar – tremendous, as I knew they would be.


Obviously, not everything was perfect. After their abysmal attempt to be accessible I won’t be using The Good Ship again. If anyone knows a good accessible venue in London then drop me a line and let me know (info@cnlester.com). If you have any suggestions in general then, again, drop me a line.


So – next time. Sometime in March, I think. When spring is in the air. PACE has been nominated for the charity of choice, which sounds good to me. And I have a whole bunch of talented performers ready to delight you.


On that note – thank you again. Christmas is a crummy time of year, but this made it really special for me.  I can’t wait for the next one.


And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One!

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