Trans Beauty: Part Four

October 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

You’re going to have to forgive me for using a slightly older photo. I’m taking some of my own medicine, and celebrating a wonderful trans person – and I wanted it to be someone who made a big difference to me when I was young and scared. Lovely people – Jamison Green.



God, I wish I could rock a hat like that. Sorry, I digress.


So, does anyone else remember PlanetOut? Ah, 1999/2000. I’d just come out, and the world was not altogether the most hospitable of places. That website became a real lifeline. All these queer people – cool queer people! And one of those very cool people was Jamison Green – writing about his life, and the challenges of battling transphobia, in this incredible understated, intelligent, professorial kind of way. I immediately wanted him to be my mentor. In a radically unobtrusive way his regular column became a little part of my world that said “trans people get stuff done. Awesome stuff. Don’t worry so much. You’ll be ok”.


There’s not much I can say, except that, one day, I hope I get to shake his hand. Educator, spokesman, writer, role model – and generally handsome gentleman. If I could wear a hat with grace I would be taking it off to him.


§ One Response to Trans Beauty: Part Four

  • Jenny Howard says:

    My mom always said there are two kinds of women (though apparently it applies to men as well): hat women and not-hat women. Some folks look absolutely adorable no matter what they put on their heads. Then there are people like me who are reluctant to be seen in public with their heads covered at all. Interestingly, I could rock most hats when I was presenting as male, but that seems to have been one of the prices of transition. Kinda like the beard, I guess.

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