September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Another one from Ashes. A song about bereavement…so, that was fun to write. Enjoy.



Broken things are hard to fathom – hard to say

Sometimes I’m broken, and sometimes I’m clouded by shades of grey.

Life untrammelled, arms flung wide – 

No guards, no limits, no one to hear.

No peace, no solace, no hope untried – 

Let’s split open, let’s disappear.


A formless wish flung from empty arms and an empty mind.

Rise up – rise out and leave this tired hide behind.

An invocation, a halting breath – 

To fracture outwards and scatter wide.

No sense of living, no fear of death,

No place of safety, no place to hide.


The past lies heavy, holds us close – no room for doubt

Something missing. Savage hands have touched us, marked us out.

Too much to fathom, too cruel to care – 

No rock, no anchor, and no one near.

An invocation to the open air – 

Let’s split open, let’s disappear.


Rise up. Rise out – broken things have no need to fear.

Arms flung wide – an empty wish – to shatter, to disappear.


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