Transpose – a truly enormous ‘thank you’

August 2, 2011 § 1 Comment


Thank you to the hundred plus beautiful people who came through the door. Thank you to everyone who bought cakes. Thank you to everyone who placed a bid in the auction. Thank you to Sally Outen – we will never think of lucozade  or moles in the same way, ever again *shudder* (in a good way). Thanks to The Good Ship – what marvellous hosts. Thank you to everyone who sang along, and held hands, and swayed in time to the music. Thank you Roz Kaveney – making me cry with her poetry, as usual. Thanks to everyone who sponsored a song – the recording equipment broke, so we’ll record them again whilst doing the album, and send them through. But, rest assured, they were dedicated and played. Thank you Jon Lett – a star, that one.  Thanks to the wondrously inspired Mechanisms and, for both her glorious musical AND kissing skills, thank you to the queen of the lesbian vampires, Dr Carmilla.  Thank you to people who came on their own, and to those who brought friends. Thank you Naith Payton – rude, funny, and a tremendous good sport. Thank you, Angelica, for the pictures and the DJ-ing and cheesecake, and the all round support. Thank you, Orlando – the best behaved dog in the world (and too cute for words). And thank you especially to everyone who supported us even though you couldn’t make it. You’re all marvels.


We raised more than £700 – enough to help Matt get his new wheelchair, and for me to record my first music video. Points all round!


Don’t think you’ve heard the last of us. Oh no. We’ll be back at Christmas, queering up the festive season with a whole host of good things. If you have any ideas regarding struggling charities that might benefit from a donation then let me know.


And thank you again.


Dr Carmilla and The Mechanisms - become a fan NOW.




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