I ask you, why?

March 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of the reasons I’m a huge feminist: despite not being a woman, I often get read as a woman. Never more so than when out and about in London. Not in the rest of the country. Then I get treated as a freak. But in London, apparently, I’m a yummy girl to be harassed. I would just like ONE fucking day to go by without being accosted in the street, or whistled at, or yelled at. Today was a ‘hey baby’ day.


Oh, and to every wanker who thinks that, maybe, we secretly enjoy that kind of attention? I love flirting. I love being found attractive. But feeling unsafe and misgendered on my way home is neither of those things. It just sucks.


Rant over. For now…


P.S. Today I am mostly wearing a suit and tie and a tweed jacket. My hair is cropped extremely short. I admit, I’m wearing mascara. Apparently, it’s enough to drive a man WILD – WILD, I say.

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