In April I will be mostly reading…

January 4, 2011 § 2 Comments


Oh, it’s all so horribly DONE. But not by me – and maybe not be you. Care to join?

It has been decided – April is Proust month. I’m going to be 27 this year and I’ve been making excuses regarding Remembrance for the past ten years. And not just excuses – it’s the fact that it’s just so…there. Being off-puttingly obvious – the kind of thing you’re worried to read on the tube because then other people will think that you’re the kind of person who reads Proust on the tube so that they can be seen to be reading Proust on the tube.

But I’m sick of not having it as a reference point. And there’s always the chance that it could, as has been claimed, change my life.

If you’d like to be involved – April 1st is the day we start. April 30th is the day we finish – that’s only around 150 pages a day – with days off if you take a few lazy Saturday mornings to read in bed (if you’re lucky enough to have a steady date you can use them as a book stand.) My friends and I will be celebrating with a black tie dinner party – I would advise you to do the same. There might even be madeleines. Good luck.

§ 2 Responses to In April I will be mostly reading…

  • Roz Kaveney says:

    I started it in French when I was 18 and got through volume 1 in about three months – and then did not pick it up again. When I was living in a hotel room in Chicaco and turning tricks because I had been robbed on the train, I used one john’s tip to buy all the volumes of Scott-Moncrieff from the bookstore where I had seen them cheap and asked them to keep them for me. And can I recommend sitting around a room waiting for tricks to turn up as one of the good ways of getting through the whole thing.

    Another is being stuck in hospital – but when I was ill post-surgery I got through so many things. I reread THE MEDITERRANEAN IN THE REIGN OF PHILIP II and I got through CIVILIZATION AND CAPITALISM and I reread CAPITAL and a whole bunch of Russians. Incapacitating illness is very good for the reading of long books, I have found, unless you are so ill that they are giving you the good drugs, in whcih case Wagner. Because if you are on Morphine, even Parsifal sounds good.

  • cnlester says:

    Good Lord – I have so much catching up to do. And I need to become more sophisticated when dosed with morphine – Wagner definitely beats Queer Eye for the Straight Guy marathons…oh, the shame…

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