Transpose Hallowe’en Thank You Edition

November 12, 2013 § 2 Comments

Late but not forgotten – please consider this post an enormous thank you (shall we capitalise? oh, go on then) – THANK YOU!

We raised €385 for Transgender Equality Network Ireland, wore some incredible costumes (“50 Shades of Grey” won my heart) and danced our arses off to the Time Warp.


Jacq Applebee looking dapper

Jacq Applebee looking dapper


Squid and The Krakens

Squid and The Krakens


HUGE thanks to all the artists – Hel Gurney, Kat Gupta, Sandra Alland, Jacq Applebee and Squid and the Krakens – they supplied a whole smörgåsbord of emotions and all of them were delicious.


Sandra Alland

Sandra Alland


Kat Gupta (this is what a feminist werewolf looks like)

Kat Gupta (this is what a feminist werewolf looks like)


Please go and read a lovely review we had here – and, for those of you who are thinking of coming to the next edition in February, I wanted to share an anonymous review that might possibly have made me misty-eyed. Thank you guys – you’re the best.


This is the most beautiful thing going on in London. It’s about community and love and art and passion, it’s about trans and/or genderqueer people making art that fortifies you against death culture (by which I mean a culture that wants a lot of us dead) whether by making you laugh or cry – either way you are reminded that trans people matter profoundly, that life matters profoundly, and that art matters profoundly. One of the gifts of Transpose is inspiration – seeing people up close making their art (their music, their song, their poems and stories and movies and pictures) makes it more possible to go home and make your own. One other gift of Transpose – possibly the most life-saving one it has to give – is community. Many people who come to Transpose get to know each other. If you come by yourself, and feel able to introduce yourself to anyone, please please do so – there will be other people there who want to meet you!


Oh, and because I couldn’t resist…if you haven’t seen this already, this is now my new favourite picture of myself – behold The Gender Binary! I’m tempted to send it to the Daily Fail and see if they’ll buy it…

How all real trans people dress every day - TRUE FACT

How all real trans people dress every day – TRUE FACT


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